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Villas Brih II & Brih III

Once you discover central Istria you will never wish for the sea again. Central Istria is an exciting place where many roads, trails and paths lead you to explore enchanting places. Biking or hiking is a must, and once you reach one of the many charming villages you will not be able to resist the local delicacies. Anybody care for some wine or prosciutto?


Of course, hiking, biking and exploring can be very exhausting, so a nice place to rest is essential. Villa Brih II and Brih III will tend to your every need. Here families can enjoy the serenity of the area and breathe in the soothing scents of nature.


Villa Brih I

It is said that giants once roamed through the Mirna Valley and left their mark in the Motovun Region of Istria. The fairy-like Motovun Forest, beautiful hilltop vineyards, and the fortified city of Motovun which often rises out of the early morning fog like a fabled castle, surely call out to any adventure-seeking individual to explore the beauties of the region.

Of course, any apt traveler needs the perfect accommodation to rest in-between adventures, and Villa Brih is a great fit for families who appreciate the tranquility that the Motovun area offers.